Quin_guitar3Tom Quinn: Band leader, lead guitarist, and relentless crusader for all things “Pink Floyd”. In 1973, The Dark Side Of The Moon was released. That same year Tom bought his first guitar, and started his first band. From day one, his chief mentor was David Gilmour. Tom also cites Joe Walsh and Leslie West as big influences on his playing. He dates the musical roots of PFX back to 1994, and Pink Floyd’s Division Bell tour stop in San Diego. The band hit the stage in April 1995, and went on to garner many San Diego Music Awards from 1999 to 2003.



Beaudoin_bass-150x144Gus Beaudoin was born on May 3, 1952, and started playing bass guitar at age 13. With almost 40 years of musical experience to draw from, Gus is well-respected by his peers for his talent and tenacity. Players such as Tim Bogart, Chris Squire, Stanley Clarke, and also early Motown and the Monkees were big influences on Gus’s powerful and rock-solid style. Gus has toured across the United States and Canada playing many styles of music, including rock, country, jazz, disco, and classical. Gus and Tom Quinn joined up in 1997 and started playing Floyd music anywhere someone would let them set-up their equipment, out of pure love for the music of Pink Floyd.


Randy McStine is a young native of Endicott, NY. Beginning his music career at the age of ten, McStine has continued on a path of musical discovery and self-reinvention as an artist. Since the birth of his solo project, Lo-Fi Resistance, in 2010, Randy has branched out into many territories as a musician. The latest Lo-Fi Resistance album, Chalk Lines, was released at the end of 2012. The album is a powerful hybrid of Alt-Rock, Singer-Songwriter, and Progressive influences. Featuring members of Porcupine Tree and King’s X, Chalk Lines is the most exciting chapter of McStine’s work to date.


Malloy-150x144Jesse Molloy is a Saxophone player based out of San Diego is a dynamic complement to the PFX sound. Jesse tours nationally with his group, On The One, which is lead by Jesse and PFX drummer John Staten. Jesse has toured internationally with several acts, including the Giant People Ensemble, and the Jamaican National Orchestra. Molloy has shared stages with many including Karl Denson and the Wailers. He has studied under the great Charles McPherson and Rhett Bender.






Kevin is an L.A.-born and San Diego-raised keyboardist. He’s been playing professionally since the since the age of 17, with his first original band opening for the likes of REO Speedwagon and Julian Lennon. Later career highlights include acting as an Entertainment Director for two hugely popular dueling piano bars in Los Angeles and Chicago. Kevin originally forayed into all things Floyd with Gus and Tom in 1997 “back in the day”. More recently, he spent the last nine years performing at a popular dueling piano bar on the Las Vegas Strip. 2012 proved to be a very exciting year as Kevin got to perform extensively with 80’s legends Missing Persons, and in 2014 that has led to acting as the first call sub keyboardist for Raiding the Rock Vault, the #1 rated Las Vegas show. Relocating from Las Vegas to San Diego happened to coincide with an opening for a keyboardist with PFX; Kevin eagerly jumped at the chance and knows he will be trying to fill some big boots.


Bob Sale was born in Oakville, ON, eventually moving to Toronto, then to Chicago, and currently lives in San Diego with his wife and two kids. Bob first heard Pink Floyd as a kid listening late at night to WLS underground radio in Chicago and has been playing drums professionally since he was 15. Bob has had the honour of working with many excellent artists including, Rick Elias, Eric Johnson, Albert Lee, Peter and Gordon, and Ben Vereen. He also worked on the soundtrack to the Tom Hanks movie, “That Thing You Do!”