Tom Quinn

Tom was born in Ridley Park, PA, the eldest of 5 children. Trumpet lessons began at age 8, piano at age 10, and he learned to sing vocal harmonies listening to The Mamas & Papas. Leslie West, Joe Walsh got his ear tuned in to the magical sounds of the electric guitar, and then David Gilmour sealed the deal! Tom’s first band was called “Brer Creek”, formed with friends from his St Charles, Illinois High School physics class where they played after game dances, local recreation halls, and private parties. Heading west to Boulder, CO he found new life in his band “Average Citizen”, writing and recording original music. Relocating with that band and their families to San Diego for a new professional and personal start was filled with challenges. Tom remarried, raised 3 children, gigging his way through college graduation day at SDSU in May of 1988. He started his very 1st Pink Floyd band in 1994, the 1st one ever on the West Coast! PFX has been the fulfillment of his dreams as bandleader, project co-developer, and lead guitarist since 2003. In between PFX tours Tom enjoys his mountain bike rides on Lake Miramar, gigging with local bands “Street Heart” & “Pink Froyd”, and his daily life with wife Carol and family in San Diego.

Photo by Todd Moffses

Gus Beaudoin

Gus was born on May 3, 1952, and started playing bass guitar at age 13. With almost 40 years of musical experience to draw from, Gus is well-respected by his peers for his talent and tenacity. Players such as Tim Bogart, Chris Squire, Stanley Clarke, and also early Motown and the Monkees were big influences on Gus’s powerful and rock-solid style. Gus has toured across the United States and Canada playing many styles of music, including rock, country, jazz, disco, and classical. Gus and Tom Quinn joined up in 1997 and started playing Floyd music anywhere someone would let them set-up their equipment, out of pure love for the music of Pink Floyd.

Kirk John Cumming

Kirk John Cumming’s love of music was initially influenced by his mother, a country singer who toured Europe with Johnny Cash and Charley Pride in the late 60’s and early 70’s. At age 9 he discovered her retired guitar in a closet and thus began his passion. As a teenager he honed his skills playing in various bands at school dances and parties. His first professional experience was getting hired as guitarist for a Baltimore based rock band, Kix/Atlantic records. In 2000, he made his way to Southern California where he auditioned and secured the part as lead guitarist in the Nationally acclaimed: “Love Janis” which chronicled the life and times of the late Janis Joplin. The play received multiple awards and ran for two consecutive seasons thus solidifying his relocation to the west coast. Kirk is an award winning song writer and works regularly in area studios as a session vocalist and guitarist. He has shared the stage with James Taylor, The Ramones, Don Henley, Larry Gatlin, Rex Warren, Doyle Dykes, Brian Jack, Skid Row, Lenny “Fuzzy” Rankins, Sam Andrew of Big Brother and the Holding Company, Warrant, Kip Winger, Beth Heart and many more. While Kirk’s passion of live performance remains, he has embarked on a new adventure building a state of the art recording studio at his ranch with his wife and a fat orange cat named Lyle.

Jonny Tarr

Jonny is originally from Wales, UK, but somehow always knew he would end up in California. He started playing the saxophone when he was 11 years of age, and he ended up really loving it. He got involved with Jazz early on and found that this was a solid foundation for understanding many more genres of music. He went to Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts to get his music degree and after college he toured Europe, the US and Japan and played nearly every major festival in the UK. He was one of the first people in Europe to play saxophone with House music DJs and found that he was very interested in music that made people dance.  Jonny taught himself guitar and piano and uses his understanding of music theory to help build and direct his original music.

Eric Denton

Eric is a polished veteran of 3 recording contracts including CBS/Columbia. Founding member of ‘The Monroes’ with the hit song “What Do All The People Know”. Extensive touring and shows with the likes of Toto, Blondie, Motels, Tommy Tutone, Greg Khin etc. On the business side, Eric has owned a Recording Studio, Stage Lighting Company, Booking Agency, Rehearsal Halls, Digital Marketing Services, Music Rentals, and was the owner of the Guitar Store and website Guitar Trader.

Eric started Piano at age 8 and was performing professionally in rock bands at age 12. Using his classical training, he has carefully deciphered every Pink Floyd note and transcribed it into a music score. He reverse engineered all sound effects and painstakingly programmed all the synthesizer parts to exact precision… and may add a little flair of his own.

Eric has a passion for keyboards, especially synthesizers. He has owned most of the keyboards that Pink Floyd used on their recordings so he knows every nuance of each instrument. Armed with that background, Eric has forged an evening of Pink Floyd delight, including entertaining using his portable Alesis Vortex. He will occasionally venture out from his keyboard rig and allow Pink Floyd fans to witness the makings of the historic aural landscapes.

Photo by Todd Moffses

Bob Sale

Bob was born in Oakville, ON, eventually moving to Toronto, then to Chicago, and currently lives in San Diego with his wife and two kids. Bob first heard Pink Floyd as a kid listening late at night to WLS underground radio in Chicago and has been playing drums professionally since he was 15. Bob has had the honour of working with many excellent artists including, Rick Elias, Eric Johnson, Albert Lee, Peter and Gordon, and Ben Vereen. Bob has been with PFX for 4 years not and loves meeting fans in all the various cities PFX tours to. He also worked on the soundtrack to the Tom Hanks movie, “That Thing You Do!” Bob continues to do studio work in San Diego and has recently had the opportunity to play shows for: America, Juice Newton, B.J. Thomas, Stephen Bishop and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Lauren Leigh

Lauren is a singer from San Diego, CA who loves to harness joy and satisfaction from sharing music with a broad audience.  She has her roots in Americana, rock and r&b with a playful range of influences. The product of a predominantly musical family,Lauren Leigh has shared the stage with some of San Diego’s finest musicians and currently fronts several cover bands.