PFX Salute to John Cox!

“As we get excited to prepare for the 2015 “4 Sides of Floyd” Winter Tour we want to acknowledge the amazing talents, contributions and now unfortunate departure of long time keyboardist John Cox. John’s role and value to this project has been huge and cannot be overstated! On and off the road John put in countless hours of sound and effects design time, delivering consistent & inspired performances nightly while battling technology, random software glitches/”gremlins”, the “rigors of the road” and sadly chronic pain as well.. Lately life & health issues have grown to the point where John had to let the band know he needed a break from the demands of the show. Come show time I know that John will really miss the “buzz” & the “rush” of a live show well played & well received, the comradery of the PFX family as we’ve experienced many great & unique lifetime memory makers together! We will miss you John Cox! Get well and I hope that someday, somehow we’ll do it again sometime down the road.

-Tom Quinn


“I could write something about John’s infectious laugh, or his ironic sense of humor, or his sense of justice when observing the world, and his empathy, and, of course his understanding of music – specifically the music we played and how well he played it. But instead I’ll write about how he saved my ass, and the band from embarrassment, one night during a show. It also proved his mastery of his job and his instruments.

One of the songs during the show was Learning to Fly, which begins with a drum loop. It is imperative that I hear the four counts prior to the beginning of the loop or else I will come in at the wrong time. Well, wouldn’t you know it, right before John set off the click count, my headphones became unplugged and as I was desperately plugging them back in I missed the first beat of the click, which put me completely out of sync with the loop. (I guess you could say I was a beat off.) Anyway, John’s looking over and mouthing “You’re off!!! You’re off!!!” But instead of waiting for me to get my act together (which I’m not sure I could have done without it being too late and without screwing everybody else up), he gets into his computer and shifts the entire song program up (or back) a beat so that everything is lined up again. It was frigging mind-boggling and awesome and saved the entire song, and saving us from an embarrassing train wreck. I understand why John is not touring this time. And though he will be missed, he’ll still be very present (how could it be otherwise?). I respect him immensely and am glad he’s my friend.”

– Bob Sale


“It’s been an honor to share the stand with John Cox all these years” I’ve learned tons from him. He will be missed but always part of the family.”

– Jesse Molloy


“For two tours with The Pink Floyd Experience, I had the pleasure of performing with John Cox. Always dependable on stage and off, John welcomed me into the PFX family from the earliest moments of my introduction. We shared many laughs and fantastic musical moments, both of which I hope we can one day have again.”

– Randy McStine


“It’s been a real honor. 10 years of the most amazing memories and experiences of my life that couldn’t have happened without you. You also proved to be a true friend. For this I will always be grateful. Gonna be weird not seeing you on stage (at least there will be another bald head in your spot): I love you my brother. You are truly legendary”

– Gus Beaudoin