The 2013 PFX Winter Tour is now officially in the books which featured 26 cities in just over 5 weeks. It’s our 10th year of performing in this dream project of ours, which is amazing all by itself. It featured our best reviews ever, crazy unpredictable, dangerous weather, and the introduction of our wonderful new singer & guitarist Randy McStine! This very brave “Hits & Rarities” themed trek from New England to Vancouver across North America dazzled long time Floyd fans with more “B-Sides” and deep cuts then we’ve ever attempted. Where else could you experience a world class Floyd show featuring Interstellar Overdrive, Lucifer Sam, Obscured By Clouds, & Let There Be More Light, along with your favorite hits? Nowhere else!! Laughs…. Today as we unpack our suitcases we are very proud of the entire PFX team from the front office in Calgary, our stellar lighting & audio crew, longtime tour manager Brian and stage manager Sam, bus and truck drivers … all “rock stars without guitars”!!

We value your input and we DO listen to you, past, present, and on into the future so don’t be shy. Most of all we thank all of you, our fans, for making this tour happen, and I know we will thrive with your continued support!”

“Shine On”!!

Tom & PFX