Photo by Todd Moffses


In 1994, no talent buyer had ever booked a Pink Floyd “cover band” west of the Mississippi River. There was nobody doing it, and nobody asking for it. We were about to change all that. It was time to “put up or shut up”. The help wanted ads went in to The San Diego Reader following Pink Floyd’s “Division Bell Tour” stop in San Diego on April 14th, 1994 at Jack Murphy Stadium. From there Pink Froyd was born.

At San Diego’s “Gator Gardens” on April 2, 1995 around 80 people paid $2.00 each to witness the first ever PFX show. As exciting as it was, this start was an early indication of the rough road ahead for the show. Clubs simply did not know what to do with a band that was not there to excite a dance crowd, nor emphasize a party atmosphere. Gigs were hard to come by, and quite frankly we lost many early band members who left discouraged. “Pay to play” situations were not unusual. In 1996, the band disbanded. Undaunted, founding member Tom Quinn began yet again to rebuild, what would become PFX.

New life came to the band in ’96 and ’97 as we got new blood in the band, and began to travel all over Southern California, venturing into Nevada and Arizona. We found regional pockets of Floyd fans that saw our passion & commitment to experiencing Pink Floyd. Fast forward to 1999, & 2000 where my dream was honored and celebrated as our band “Pink Froyd” won our category at The San Diego Music Awards, 2 years in a row! we were, very, very proud!

Soon booking agents were curious at seeing if they could find new markets for us. An ad placed by an agent in Pollstar Magazine caught the eye of Annerin Productions sometime late in 2002. In February 2003 they flew down from their offices in Calgary, AB to come down to see what the fuss was about and auditioned us for our part in their production idea for a legitimate Pink Floyd show. They saw in the band an earnest desire to be the best at what we do, and do it for a long time to come. We shook hands that night, exchanged emails, and then started our journey together that summer of 2003. Our world premiere was staged in Calgary, AB at The Jubilee Auditorium on October 15th, 2003.

Now embarking in 2016 on their 12th North American tour, PFX continues to delight fans everywhere. Packed with a spectacular light show designed by world class lighting designers that have worked with some of the biggest artists out there and an incomparable sound system, PFX fans keep coming back for more. The icons that Pink Floyd made their own have all been incorporated into PFX- THE PINK FLOYD EXPERIENCE. From live visual and sound effects of plane crashes, helicopters, and cash registers in Money, fans are left wanting more while the show finishes with a 12 foot pig blimp that flies over the audience and balconies in a final salute to one of Pink Floyd’s most prevalent image.
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